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Shelter in place – theme of the month blog

The theme of the month this month at the virtual studio is…YOU DO YOU

In other words, whatever feels right as you navigate this new world we all find ourselves in.

Today I was speaking to a good friend of mine in San Francisco and there they have just had the ‘shelter in place’ order extended.
Shelter in place.
I prefer these words so much more than ‘self isolate’ or ‘quarantine’. Shelter in place feels like an instruction to stay safe, stay home and take shelter in yourself.
The bricks and mortar of FYS will be closed for some time but the teachings will continue virtually until such a time as we can open our doors safely again.
FYS has been a shelter and a refuge for many of us and that will conitnue, we will just been beaming ourselves into your bricks and mortar shelter.
We have listened to your requests for classes and timeslots and we hope we have delivered a schedule of classes that work for you all but please do tell us if there is anything else you would like to see added. This schedule will run for the whole of April and we may then add a few more classes for May. We will keep you posted.
But for now, here’s your line-up:
Monday 6.15pm – vinyasa with Hannah
Tuesday 9.30am – vinyasa with Keren
Tuesday 11am – kids/family yoga with Keren and Frank
Wednesday 12.30pm – Free 30 min gentle class with Keren
Wednesday 6.15pm – Lotus Flow with Keren
Thursday 7.30am – Rise & Shine with Keren
Thursday 6.15pm – Slow Flow with Ness
Friday 9.30am – chilled lotus flow with Keren
Saturday 8am – mantra and PJ party with Keren on instagram live
Saturday 9am – vinyasa with Anna
Sunday 9.30am – slow flow with Holly
Sunday 6.15pm – restorative with Jo
THANK YOU so much for taking the shift online with us during this crazy time and for your ongoing messages of support for our little yoga hOMe. I can’t tell you how much they mean to us.
So for now, you do you, shelter in place and we will see you in the zoom room
Shanti x

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  1. Aakash says:

    Great article on the theme of sheltering in place! It’s interesting to see how much our daily lives have changed due to the pandemic and how important it is to find comfort in our own homes. Your tips on making the most of our living spaces are very helpful, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aakash says:

    Your blog post on “Shelter in Place” is very insightful and relevant, especially given the ongoing pandemic and its impact on our daily lives. Overall, I found your blog post-well-written, informative, and engaging. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this critical topic.

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