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Atha Yoganusasanam

Now begins the practice of yoga. Or in other words – let’s do it!

Come join Keren and the Falmouth Yoga School team on this journey of teaching yoga. It’s an adventure both on and off the mat. Yoga teacher training can be confronting, it’s hard work, it’s soooo much more than just the physical but it’s the most amazing journey from start to finish.

She is overly enthusiastic about the whole kit and caboodle of yoga and all of our teacher training programs focus on the asanas, pranayama,  the philosophy and theory and the fun, the ‘lila’ of yoga in the Bhakti tradition of mantra, storytelling and meditation.

Yoga Teacher Training in Cornwall

Take a look below at our Level 1 300 hour TT, our various level 2 modules as well as our mentoring and prenatal training.

Our yoga teacher training school has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance UK, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may use the title ‘Registered Yoga Teacher’ RYT as a sign of quality training when they register themselves with Yoga Alliance UK.

Keren herself is accredited as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) in both the UK and Australia.

  • Level 1 300 hour yoga teacher training in Cornwall

    Our next level 1 300hr yoga teacher training course will begin in MARCH 2025 at our Falmouth studio in Cornwall  Our 2024 level 1 course in Falmouth, Cornwall will run from March 2025 for 10...

  • Level 2 Trainings

    Read on to learn about our level 2 offerings. Each level two course adds up to a 300hr certification, or can be done solo.

  • Mentoring program

    “I can remember my first ever time teaching a yoga class with absolute clarity. I wasn’t nervous. I was probably over confident truth be told and I proceed to teach this poor group of unsuspecting...

  • Prenatal training with Keren & Amanda – 80 hours

    Join Keren and Amanda in Autumn 2023 for a deep immersion into pre and post natal yoga. Our IN PERSON Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course offers a balanced mix of theory and practical...