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I began my personal yoga journey many years ago whilst at university. I wanted to lose weight, have a skinny butt and get the boys to notice me. This my friends is satya. I’m telling you the honest truth!

It was a few years into my practice when something started to shift. I wasn’t so concerned about the skinny butt anymore, instead I swapped this with what I now refer to as my ‘collecting yoga poses’ stage. I wanted to be able to do all of those really tricky yoga poses whatever the cost to my body. This was me NOT practicing Ahimsa (kindness).

And then I went to India back in 2002 and things really did start to change. I practiced a variety of yoga styles as I travelled and when I got back I started training under an Iyengar teacher in Bristol, finally I learnt the importance of a holistic approach to yoga, combining the physical asanas with meditation, pranayama and studying the philosophy of yoga (which in turn becomes a study of the self!).

I love to study and if my bank balance would allow it, I’d be the perpetual yoga student.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure and fortune of studying with some senior teachers around the world and to date I have undertaken Hatha Yoga teacher training in Brisbane Australia (2004), in 2011 I undertook my second teacher training with Jivamukti teacher, Michelle Merrifield on the Gold Coast of Australia, in 2012 I fulfilled a dream and furthered my studies with Laughing Lotus in San Francisco to become a Lotus Flow(TM) teacher, in 2013 I studied Kundalini with Guru Dass in Byron Bay, in 2014 I reconnected with my teachers Sri Jasmine Tarkeshi and Sri Emily Stone to do an advanced teacher training in  Lotus Flow in Bali and in 2017 I flew to New York to study Ayurveda for Women’s Health with Lotus Flow teacher Ali Cramer.

In 2018, I completed 40 hours of training in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) at Kripalu, Massachusetts and  a 750hr Ayurveda Practitioner course. (please check out In 2020 I have completed a 25 hour advanced Lotus Flow training and a 40 hour Yoga Nidra training.

In addition to these yoga teacher trainings, I have also had the great fortune to go on retreat and do intensive workshops with some incredible teachers including Shiva Rae, John Friend, Duncan Wong, Seane Corne, Noah Maze, Clive Sheridan, Mark Whitwell, David Life and Sharon Gannon. (and many many more)

All this study means I’m fortunate to be a Gold Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher in Australia and as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK but it also means that I have developed a great love for a variety of yoga styles and in my teacher training I very much encourage students to play with a variety of styles to find what works best for them.

I am the director of Falmouth Yoga Space and the teacher training school here as well as the co-director of a glorious yoga studio in Brisbane Australia – where I get to share my love of yoga with those wishing to become yoga teachers via the power of skype!

I have had an absolute ball teaching around the world, so far in the States, Australia, the UK and Bali. I’ve taught at festivals and in studios and wherever I am, my focus is on delivering classes where people can delve into the depths of yoga beyond just the asana and have fun doing it!

Via this website I hope to keep teaching, keep studying, share what I learn and hopefully make some new friends and yoga buddies as I go along.

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