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Theme of the month March – MA!

March is the month where we start to think about Spring (and pray it arrives early), where flowers pop up even though the ground is still cold, the wind is blowing at 50mph and the rain is coming in sideways! And its the month of Mother’s Day.

The theme of the month for March is therefore Ma – Ma in sanskrit translates simple as mother.

And mother of course can mean different things; mother earth, muladhara chakra (root chakra), the ayurvedic kapha energy of springtime, our mother figures and shakti (feminine energy) herself

Today I have been pondering my own mother. She is gentle and kind, fierce when needed but yet a born worrier (especially about her two daughters), when she is here with me she teaches me how to be a better mother by doing simple things like putting Franks PJs on the radiator while he is in the bath (epiphany!) and making Easter bonnets with enthusiasm that i would fail to muster. She nurtures, she has my back and she is my best friend. She is a real life goddess.

And in class this month, you may well hear tales of other mother goddesses such as my all time favourite Sita as well as Parvati and Bhumi Devi. There will be muladhara chakra themed classes tapping into the connection with mother earth through our roots.

You may have heard me mention in class recently that Springtime is the time of kapha energy in ayurveda and it is the energy of being nurtured, held and supported. It’s a time to connect with one another and show our support, whether that be partnering up in a yoga class or calling around for a cup of tea with a treasured friend.

And of course we can think about the mother figures in our lives – our own real life goddesses, be they your Mum, your friends, your Grandma – we all have our own stories to share. I may tell the one where my Mum took me to my first concert, The Cure, and she DANCED. I had never seen my Mum dance before and suddenly she became more than just my Mum, bloody hell, she was a woman in her own right! What a shock to my teenage system that was and what an important lesson for me to learn – to see beyond what people do to who they really are.

Happy March and I can’t wait to see you all on the mat soon

Jai Ma!

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