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Theme of the month June – JAI MA!

Jai Ma! A month of Ma coming up at FYS.

Join us at FYS this coming month to celebrate the divine mother in all her forms, and in her biggest, most powerful form, that of MOTHER EARTH.

Mother Earth is in a constant state of creating and giving and nourishing us all through her offerings of plants, flowers, foods, water and love. The aim of all yoga practices is to feel the interconnectedness between ourselves and the universe, our environment, nature and connect to All Beings (be they human or animal).

Here in Cornwall we are so blessed to live in such close ways with mother earth and I know many of you reading this are passionate about giving back to her as much as we take. Here in Cornwall we are so lucky to be able to dive into the ocean for a spot of wild sea swimming, we have the most amazing walks within moments of our houses, we can hike hills, wander along the coast or around a lake, forage for wild food or just enjoy laying in the grass and breathing. In terms of yoga here in Cornwall, the summer months see many wonderful outdoor yoga classes popping up on beaches, in outdoor spaces or on SUP boards on the ocean. As I said, mother earth gives us so much joy, we are very blessed!

And our asana (physical yoga) practice certainly binds us to nature through its many shapes that celebrate the earth and all it’s creatures. Have you ever stopped to think about how many poses link us to nature. What are your favourites? Tree pose, cobra, mountain, pigeon, sun salutations, moon salutation, earth salutations and on we go!

And so we can all acknowledge just how many gifts the great mother gives us and we all know that now, more than ever before every single one of us needs to do our bit to give back  to save our beautiful blue/green home from extinction!

This month in class and maybe on their social media many of our teachers will be sharing  practicing tips for environmental activism, sharing stories of the goddesses, exploring nature play in classes and chanting to the goddess in her many forms.

These were the words of the Buddha, “Look at the world through the eyes of a mother caring for her only child.”

We would of course LOVE to hear your tips for environmental activism and we would also LOVE to see your favourite nature pose. Please tag us on instagram @falmouthyogaspace and we will be sure to share the love!

Jai Ma!

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