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Truth Be Told – theme of the month blog by Hannah Rutland

Truth be told – Theme of the month with Hannah

Whatever you are doing right now – stop. Pause. Take a moment to tune in with the sounds that you can hear around you. Perhaps there is the distant noise of moving traffic, or maybe a dishwasher is moving through a cycle in the next room. Is there a cat purring next to you? Can you hear the faint creaks of the building around you? Maybe you can even start to notice the texture of these noises, or the way that they seem to weave seamlessly into one another.

As we start to listen, to really listen, we start to experience the different layers of the sounds that are around us all of the time. The sounds that are constantly humming, constantly moving and vibrating.

Now try to draw that same focus inwards. Visualise the eardrum itself exploring your inner landscape. Can you detect the similar layers of sound that are flowing all of the time internally? Sound as we know it doesn’t simply exist as the noises around us, but also in the deeper levels of the body and mind. Perhaps you can notice the internal noise of the thoughts, the breath. Do you see any shapes and colours as the prana, the life energy, flows through you?

All of this vibrational sound is energy. Millions and millions of vibrating particles that come together to form you and the world around us. We are literally made up of the very same energy that the whole universe is humming with. When we can find union with the mind and this flow of sound, this flow of vibrational energy, we can tap into and experience Nada Yoga, removing the chitter chatter, the citta vritti, and connecting the mind with cosmic consciousness.

It is said that at the beginning of time, all that existed was this vibrational energy or what we also know as Om – the sound of everything. From this single sound came the flooding of energy that created the universe and it is the same sound that continues to beat at the heart of all this sound that we can hear around us.

There’s no denying that sound is powerful. Not only does it have the power of creation, but it also continues to play an integral part (if not the most important) in our existence as humans on this planet. It’s how we express ourselves, it’s how we communicate with one another and it has the unique power to truly move us; just think back to the last time that you heard a piece of music or saw a scene in a movie that really touched a part of your heart.

As Don Miguel Ruiz says in The Four Agreements, “The word is the most powerful tool you have as a human; it is the tool of magic. What you dream, what you feel, and what you really are, will all be manifested through the word.”

But how do we harness this power? By living with truth.

We find ourselves living in a world that is crying out for truth speakers, for listeners, for peaceful warriors. There is truth to be told in the quietest of corners. Yes, the path of truth isn’t always an easy one, but the time to use your voice is now. Be the change that the world needs and use your unique power to move people and move them to make a better choice, use it to let them know you care, that you are there to listen.

Be a part of the conversation.

So next time you’re at class, Om a little louder, next time you have something to say, say it a little louder, next time someone needs you to listen, listen a little harder, and know that within you is the humming of the whole universe.

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