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Yoga agony aunt – crazy poo dream!

Dear KCY

Here’s an unusual question for your agony aunt blog – what does it mean that I have recurring dreams about pooing out of my mouth?? I mean really, WTF???

yours, scared to go to sleep!


Wow, this has to be my favourite agony aunt email to date. And one I am not at all equipped to respond to! However, I know a woman who is. I contacted the ever-amazing Jane Teresa from and asked for her thoughts on this crazy dream and as ever, she came up with the goods. Read on and I would love to hear if this resonates…

While we sleep, we process our conscious and unconscious experiences of the last 1-2 days, comparing them to our past experiences, and either consolidating our beliefs about ourselves and the world, or changing them. Our dreams are the result of this processing. Our logical, reasoning, left brain is largely switched off during dreaming, so it is up to our creative, intuitive, emotional, ‘big picture’, right brain to express this. So we need to use our right brain to understand our dreams.

Since dreams reflect the last 1-2 days, a recurring dream reflects a recurring experience or issue. Every time you have your poo dream, look back over the last couple of days until you see a connecting pattern.

Dreams don’t tell you what to do. They reveal your mindset, particularly your unconscious mindset. They help you to identify unconscious beliefs, feelings, and self-judgements, and then you can decide whether these are serving you well, or whether they need to change.

The right brain loves to play with visuals. Do you ever say – or feel – that you are ‘talking shit’, or ‘talking crap’? Do you sometimes think, ‘Oh, the crap that comes out of my mouth!’ when you’ve reflected back on what you’ve said? If so, good, you are conscious of this self-judgement, and you might like to contemplate whether you’re putting yourself down or lacking confidence in what you say and how you express yourself.

If you don’t use these phrases or think these thoughts, these may be unconscious self-judgments or beliefs. Can you remember anyone saying this to you, ‘Oh, you talk such shit!” ? Or did someone in your past make you feel as if you talked crap, and might you have taken that on board and lost your confidence?

Or might you sometimes talk crap as a cover, to hide what you want to say, or to avoid revealing your vulnerability, your true self, your plans, hopes, and dreams?

Poo should come out the other end, hmm, but you know that already. The mouth is for taking in nourishment, the back end is for letting go of what you don’t need. There it is again, ‘letting go of that old crap’. Are you keeping that old crap alive, putting it out there, reliving it, telling the same old story, instead of letting it go? If you are doing this, you are blocking the route to nourishment, not just of food, but symbolically of everything that can nurture you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Is the story you tell, the one you believe about yourself, stopping you from thriving, blocking positive expression, keeping the crap in your life recycling instead of letting it go?

You may speak angelic, positive, blessed words all the time, but judge what you say as unworthy, as crap. You may be quick to ‘dump’ (see, another right brain visual) your stuff on other people, or when you feel hurt or wronged, and then regret what you said immediately the words have been spoken.

The details in the rest of your dream will shine more light on your whole situation and the beliefs you carry, but this little snippet gives you food for thought (ahem), and potential for change.

Jane Teresa xxx

the amazing dream interpreter, Jane Teresa

the amazing dream interpreter, Jane Teresa

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