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Shiva comes to town and shakes things up sometimes

Shiva comes to town and shakes things up sometimes

Om Namah Shivaya. This week has been tough. As if it wasn’t bad enough making an exhibition of myself at the airport sobbing into Scott and then trying to smile through it so Frank wouldn’t get upset, the crap that has followed has been borderline unbearable.


Let’s see:

Finally went to the Dr about this lump on my head and its some sort of muscle spasm at the jawline (nothing to worry about, probably stress related)
Meanwhile I’m travelling to the Dr in the aftermath of a biblical storm that savaged Brisbane in a short ten mins. Trees down, no traffic lights working, cars with smashed windows from the hail, and bumper to bumper traffic.

Then we’ve got the normal stuff. Packing boxes to be shipped. Paperwork. Busy week at the studio with teacher trainee exams,. Emptying a house (how much RUBBISH do we collect!)

There is a brief reprieve on Saturday when I have dinner with a group of my closest girlfriends, good conversation, lots of laughter and getting to wear a pretty frock and heels was a treat.

Sunday was a hellhole of stress. I woke, went for breakfast followed by a yoga class (ahhh bliss) and then when I arrived home to pack my hand luggage, I realised my passports were missing. This is a long story so I’ll shorten it. I tore the house apart from 10-3. Sobbing. Going through bins. Friends coming and going feeling useless but offering their support. Got prepared to go to consulate today to beg for an emergency travel document. All the while feeling my heartbreak at the thought of not being with the boys come the weekend. My friend Julia comes over to make me tea (she’s British) and suggests I look in the ‘secret’ pocket of my hand luggage. ‘There isn’t a secret pocket’ I wail. Yet sure enough, there it is.

Today is Monday. I have been awake most of the note and since 4.30am this morning. I haven’t seen my cat Mela since Saturday and she is getting picked up by Jet Pets at 8.30am. I’m counting down minutes until I can start walking the streets yelling her name. She’s been very out of sorts since the moving process started and I’m pretty sure she has been eating and sleeping in someone elses house. But who and where I do not know.

Watch this space for an update at 8.30am, when either I’ll be handing over my precious cargo or sobbing on the Jet Pets dude.

In the meantime, can someone please bring me a huge coffee?

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