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Cyclone Frank starts daycare…Mama finds her yoga feet (and a good coffee)

The last few weeks here in Cornwall have been a whirlwind. I travelled, I landed, I battled jet lag, I was a bridesmaid for my sister, I scoured Falmouth for a place to teach and today we are off for a week in a holiday house with the family.

I don’t feel settled yet. Although I have found a decent coffee shop who weren’t at all offended when after a week we turned up with our own (bon) soy milk (which the barista calls the ‘posh soy milk’). I’m sitting here sipping a coffee that would compete with any of my favourite Australian haunts – and for those of you who know what a coffee snob I am, this is a big statement! So if anyone ever pays a visit to Falmouth, pop into Espressini…but touch my personal stash of bon soy and there will be trouble!

I’m hoping the new year will help me find my sea legs. I’m still pining for my friends and the studio and students (who don’t blink when I make them chant or tell them stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses). It does feel like things are falling into place a little, Buttons has found some work at the University in the film and TV department, I have lined up six classes and Frank starts daycare. In my head this is sounding more like FRANK. STARTS. DAYCARE.

Frank went for his trial run at daycare yesterday. I had butterflies the size of small elephants on the way there and kept willing myself not to cry if he did but he surprised me once again when he happily waved me goodbye to go play cars with his daycare teacher Emma.

For the hour or so of his trial I sat in Espressini contemplating Frank. When I walked through the door of daycare I had announced ‘This is Frank’. In hindsight I had said it like I expected everyone (other children included) to stop in their tracks and turn to see the glory that is my son.

This is Frank. In my head there can be no other person in the world called Frank, as Frank is so unique, so incredible, has such a huge personality…This is Frank ladies and gentlemen, gaze at this incredible human of which there is no other quite like it.

Frank settles into Cornish life

Frank settles into Cornish life

I am guessing every mother feels this way about her children? It surprised me as it was the first time I’d really noticed it in myself. I’m a little embarrassed, a little sheepish but the thing is, I do think Frank is the bomb. Yes my friends, my son rocks. He is awesome. Fact.

Moving on. The yoga scene here in Cornwall is so different from my yoga world back home. There are no studios to speak of, most teachers do their own thing teaching out of halls and gyms and while I’ve connected with a couple of lovely teachers there doesn’t seem to be the same community (that I’ve discovered), no satsangs, no kirtans, no active teacher groups. I’m going to keep hunting and I’ll keep you posted on my success!

But for now a merry Christmas to you all and here is to a wonderful start to 2015 for each and every one of us.

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