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Lizzy started the physical practice of yoga in 2015. Shortly after her discovery she went travelling for some years where she spent a lot of time in Krishna-conscious communities, Buddhist centres and ashrams, delving into the well of yoga. After an attempt to do her first training in India she found herself quickly back in the UK with all airports closed… curious.. then landed safely in the lap of the Vinyasa & Restorative training here at FYS.

The learnings from both trainings weave together –  alongside her own practice, study, teachers & general life lessons to form her classes. You can expect plenty of moments to pause, look inward, see what’s going on there, and choose how you want to respond to that in your physical practice as you flow with breath. Her primary focus is a reminder for herself – to know that you are all good, just a human, doing and feeling human things. You’ll probably hear one her poems during sivasana that reiterates just that.

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