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Our Yoga Teachers

Find out all about our wonderful yoga teaching team at Falmouth Yoga Space.

  • Keren

    Keren has been studying yoga for over 20 years and teaching for the past 16 years. Her trainings have included a Hatha Yoga teacher training in Brisbane Australia, Essence of Living flow with Michelle Merrifield, Jivamukti in NYC,  Lotus Flow(TM) level 1 and 2 in San Francisco and  Kundalini with Guru Dass in Byron Bay. She continues to study with a variety of senior teachers at any opportunity and undertakes training every single year. Keren is a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK and therefore delivers our vinyasa teacher training program each year with the aid of some wonderful teachers from across the globe.

    Keren’s classes are varied in style depending on which one you come to but her aim is to create community, show that yoga can be fun and with the ultimate aim of leaving you feeling good in body and mind. Her personal passion is Bhakti yoga, so in class you can expect a mix of storytelling, chanting (don’t panic!) and philosophy all combined with her signature dynamic vinyasa style. Come play!

    For more information email info@falmouthyogaspace.co.uk.

  • Amanda

    Amanda has been teaching for 30 years with a love of the body..all aspects of every body…starting early with dance, sculpture and anatomical life drawing. Following her fine art degree she started studying Iyengar yoga in Australia and continued to intermediate level in the UK. She has studied with many teachers in Pune and from around the world, completing several other teacher trainings and continuing to pursue new learning. For the last 16 years her development has been underpinned by her apprenticeship in Dzogchen Buddhism. During this time her curiosity has led her to continued exploration of other styles of yoga and particularly more somatic movement through Feldenkrais, authentic movement, and continuum. Alongside her yoga studies, complementary health and bodywork have deeply informed her work and she has practiced and taught several modalities. She found her therapeutic home in Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy which she studied at the the Karuna Institute 10 years ago and has subsequently done several courses on embryology, birth trauma and relational therapeutics. As a result of this training and to stay in integrity she left the Iyengar tradition and shifted her teaching to integrate a different understanding and prioritising of the mind body continuum, encouraging relaxed experimentation, kindness and trust within a framework of anatomical understanding. She teaches several classes a week from intermediate to therapeutic and considers learning from long term relationship with students to be the backbone of her experience. She contributes to several teacher trainings around the UK encouraging enquiry into how and why patterns might be manifesting in our system and how they influence our lives off the mat. She also focuses on short level 2 trainings that are intended to provide inspiration, empowerment and fresh insight to experienced teachers. She is involved with various writing groups and teaches women to weave meditation shawls through her embodied craft project:13 looms, demonstrating creativity as an important aspect of living with skilfull means in the co emergent field. Amanda studied with Dr Gabor Mate 2019-2020 on his ground breaking compassionate Inquiry training and is currently half way through an MA in Authorial Practice at Falmouth University.

    You can anticipate leaving a class feeling grounded and energised. For more information please visit Amanda’s website www.groundofbeing.co.uk or call 01326 318776/07586346688

  • Anna

    Anna has been a yogini for almost fifteen years. Her first Californian experiences with Anna Forrest yoga left her hooked not only on poses, but also on spiritual benefits of the practice. Over time, she found herself immersed in such yoga styles as Iyengar, Anusara and Ashtanga to finally fall in love with Vinyasa Flow.

    In her dynamic teaching, Anna shares her understanding of vigorous and sometimes challenging asana practice as an empowering tool for calming and rejuvenating the mind. Her themed classes invite yogis of all levels to travel inwards and to treat their time on the mat as a break, a moment for reflection on day-to-day mental and emotional routines: the energy of the moving body makes your life feel lighter and awards you with Hanuman-like confidence.

    Despite having a full time job as a university lecturer, Anna regularly practices all year round. In her free time, she attends yoga workshops and classes and researches yoga philosophy. Sometimes, she also writes and publishes on yoga. You can find her articles in Yoga International and in Elephant Journal.

  • Simon

    Simon loves the deep blue of the sea on a bright sunny afternoon. He adores living in Cornwall and sharing this beautiful part of the world with his family and friends when they come to stay. He is passionate about the Arts. His deep interest in yoga; how body, mind and spirit are intrinsically linked, grows out of his career as a professional dance artist and teacher. Creativity is at his core.

  • Jo

    After many years of personal practice and study across a range of yoga styles in the UK and Australia, Jo recently qualified as a vinyasa yoga teacher and now draws on her depth of experience to teach thoughtful and creative vinyasa flow classes. Her classes focus on alignment and cues that enable students to develop awareness of body and breath, and a steady, grounded practice.

    Inspired by working with personal intention, yogic philosophy, pranayama (breathing) practices and a fascination with the natural world, elements of these are woven into classes to encourage an experience of yoga that translates to everyday life off the mat.

    Jo believes that yoga provides a great opportunity to laugh at yourself. She also really loves chocolate.

  • Kate

    Kate has been practicing yoga for over ten years exploring many different styles before falling in love with Lotus Flow Vinyasa in Falmouth, where she has completed her yoga teacher training.

    Kate’s background as an outdoor activity and expedition instructor gives her a strong sense of working with our inner strengths and our connection to people and the world around us.

    Kate builds on this teaching experience to create classes that are full of dynamic, playful sequences which look to build inner strength and resilience, where moments of stillness, grace and clarity are found amid the chaos of life.

  • Ness

    Ness has a background in teaching and has combined this with a love of yoga -blending the two. Having taught in schools across England and Swaziland, she has a wealth of experience to draw upon and use in her yoga classes. 

    Ness’ yoga journey started with practising Atha and Anusara yoga, finally coming across Vinyasa flow taught by Keren, which literally changed her life. She went on to study with Keren and recently qualified as a Vinyasa yoga teacher. Ness truly believes in the healing power of yoga and the transformative effects it can have on our lives.

    Her Slow-Flow class provides a bridge between Beginners and Lotus Flow, exploring movement with breath to offer strength and grace. A chance to merge spirituality and mindfulness through a sequence of poses. 

  • Emma

    Emma’s yoga journey began in 2015 after pranayama and gentle asana aided her recovery from serious illness. As her health improved, she soon realised the physical and emotional benefits of yoga and became completely hooked. This was made more apparent after she suffered a serious knee injury and, again, relied on yoga to aid her recovery.

    She completed her yoga teacher training with Keren at Falmouth YogaSpace and quickly felt like she had found her new home. She loves being a part of this amazing community and is so excited to be able to teach here.

    Emma has now also completed a yoga therapy training and is determined to show that there really is a yoga for every body.

    When not at FYS, Emma can be found in her other role as a designer-maker, or out in nature with her husband, two children and her two dogs. She also has this thing with body pump.

  • Jen

    Jen fell in love with yoga 8 years ago at university, as a way to feel calm and grounded. Noticing the benefits immediately, she was soon enchanted by it’s power.

    Since having completed the 250hr vinyasa teacher training here at Falmouth Yoga Space last summer, Jen has also trained in yin and is enjoying an anatomy course to learn more about our amazing human bodies.

    Jen’s yoga will help you find balance in your body. Learning to move mindfully and with awareness so that you can feel your best both on and off the yoga mat.

  • Brandy

    Brandy has a history of teaching and coaching and she was first introduced to yoga at acting school in London, enjoying how yoga gives access to body awareness, mindfulness and can spark a spiritual journey. During her yoga teacher training at FYS with Keren she discovered a love for Bhakti yoga, especially mantra and the harmonium.

    Brandy brings both passion and light-heartedness to her classes. Using interesting themes to help fellow yogis explore yoga and how it can connect to all things in life.

    Personally Brandy has found yoga to be a grounding force in times of struggle in her own life and is a huge advocate that yoga is for anyone and everyone. We can use yoga to find what feels good both on and off the mat.

  • Hannah

    Hannah’s relationship with yoga started in her early teens, after being advised of its benefits to mental health. She dipped in and out of different styles and teachers through out the years until something clicked when she went to her first vinyasa class with Keren.

    Hannah started teaching shortly after qualifying under Keren’s guidance in 2016. Since then she has undergone further trainings with Keren, Amanda Brown, and Heather Mason, founder of the minded institute. As she continues to learn, she mindfully adapts her offerings, in order to make them more inclusive and accessible to every body and mind.

    Hannah’s classes have been described as being rich in philosophy and thought invoking. Her intention is to offer people the opportunity to explore the various facets of the self, through the tools borrowed from the ancient teachings of Yoga, and to look at how we can integrate them into our lives off the mat. All while being, in a gently held environment. Her offerings are layered in such a way that there is space to move, breathe and reflect, and have an emphasis on welcoming and honouring all that is present in each given moment.

    Hannah personally has a keen interest in the mind-body connection and the science behind how the various aspects of a yoga and meditation practice can improve and maintain mental wellbeing.